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Coronavirus Communication


Coronavirus Communication

To our loyal partners and customers-

It’s amazing how much our lives have changed in the past 7-10 days. Many things we always took for granted are now much more difficult or even impossible. A simple trip to Wawa has become a very stressful experience. The underlying stress and uncertainty the virus has caused are present everywhere and all the time. Despite the virus and disturbing news we hear each day, W&J has remained very busy through the last week. We’re hoping this continues into the next weeks and months. But, as much as we all want to ignore the news and virus, we need to stay aware of what’s happening and look as far into the future as we can. Here is W&J’s plan over the next several weeks.

  • W&J is committed to remaining open and delivering until we are ordered to close or the environment becomes unsafe for our team. This includes our offices, showrooms, and yards being open to walk-in customers as well as being fully staffed. We’re doing the best we can to maintain our normal schedules and procedures. Our entire team is working full time to keep deliveries on time, estimates and quotes on schedule, and in constant communication with our clients. We would appreciate you and/or homeowners scheduling visits to our showroom and as much as possible, calling or emailing orders ahead of time so we can get ready for pick-up. This will save you time as well.
  • We are sanitizing common areas on a regular basis and encouraging our team to wash hands, disinfect, and stay aware of their surroundings. The trucks, yards, and offices are stocked with hand sanitizer for our team and customers to use.
  • W&J does request that our customers refrain from asking our team to enter occupied houses or businesses. New construction, additions not open to the existing house, and outdoors are fine. We are trying to follow the suggested practices regarding unnecessary travel, social distancing, and keeping our team out of any situation that might endanger their health or the health of their loved ones. We hope you can appreciate our position.

Please communicate any questions or concerns about the above to your sales rep. or contact our offices.

We are committed to staying open for as long as we can while trying to abide by the guidelines set forth by the CDC and looking out for the safety of our team. That said no one knows what the next days, weeks, and months will bring as far as new guidelines and/or government requirements. With the virus and its effect on the market in mind, it is prudent to expect some difficulty moving forward. It has started with township offices being closed and inspections being delayed. Some customers have had their client’s delay, postpone, or outright cancel jobs. Most of us are taking things day by day and hoping for the best but planning for the worst. We will communicate to you any information we get about products or lead-times as soon as we get it. The W&J team has all of our customers and their families in our thoughts. Please look out for yourself, your families and your employees. Stay healthy!!!

Dave and John Walter